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Milk Chocolate Varieties

Many sweet tooth lovers have a penchant for the richness of Belgian Milk Chocolates – these varieties capture the sweetness and texture of the best Belgian flavors in a unique structure. Some of the best pralines and truffles feature milk chocolate, while others have variations, including semi-sweet and white chocolate.

Milk chocolate creamy truffles are generally comprised of a milk chocolate Belgian shell – in general the cocoa content will be around 35%, which is enough to bring out the flavor without unduly burdening your taste buds. As a result, you can taste the purity of the chocolate at its core, which complements (rather than masks) the great nuts and fillings within the truffles.

Traditional Belgian pralines also (often) feature milk chocolate to give the treats a new taste. You can also find a variety of milk chocolate bars complete with nuts and fruit from Belgium including Callebaut, which makes a splendid milk chocolate bar. These bars also come in traditional varieties, allowing you to enjoy the purity of the chocolate, in addition to the luxurious pralines and truffles.

Belgian milk chocolate generally has a higher density of cocoa solids than do other chocolate varieties. While traditional milk chocolate varieties may only contain about 20% cocoa solids, Belgian milk chocolate generally exceed 30%, with some even reaching as high as 40%, making them borderline semi-sweet varieties.

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