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Best Belgian Chocolate Recipes

Belgian chocolate makes a great base ingredient for a wide variety of recipes, ranging from baked goods to chocolate drinks. You can take any traditional chocolate recipe and substitute Belgian chocolate to add more flavor, texture and variety to your favorite deserts. Additionally, you can use the chocolate as an accent topping to add even more flavor, taking your dishes to new heights.

One of our favorite uses of Belgian chocolate is as an ice cream topping – you can add some Belgian dark chocolate to your favorite recipe in order to give your favorite ice cream a bit more flavor. To start, take a few scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor. You can even find Belgian ice cream varieties in some shops, which add a lot of flavor and taste to traditional recipes. Top the ice cream with a few ounces of finely minced Belgian dark chocolate, which you can serve whole or melted – if you want to melt it, then combine the chocolate with a few tablespoons of water and let simmer, then add a few tablespoons of sugar and milk to taste.

Another great way to bring your Belgian chocolate to life is through a Snack cake – Belgian chocolate snack cakes can take your favorite baked recipes and extend them further. You’ll need sugar, Belgian cocoa, vegetable oil, eggs, vanilla, whole wheat flour, baking soda, whipping cream and dark Belgian chocolate to start. Combine the sugar and cocoa with oil, eggs and vanilla – whisk until well combined (pre-heat the over to 325). The dish will need to bake for at least 40 minutes and then cool for another 20 before adding the chocolate atop.

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