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Belgian Chocolate Traditions

For over a hundred years, the Belgian chocolate making tradition has become the world standard for luxurious deserts. Each year, the country exports over 100,000 tons of chocolate from its over 2,500 chocolate makers – carrying on a tradition of hand-made recipes, Belgian chocolate combines high quality cocoa with hand-made recipes to produce a unique flavor.

Walking throughout any major city in Belgium, such as Brussels, will reveal a wealth of chocolate shops. These shops range from small, independent chocolate makers to larger, world brands such as Leonidas. Many of Belgium’s native brands, such as Godiva, have become world standards in a variety of areas, expanding throughout Europe and beyond.

Today’s Belgian chocolate brands maintain true to traditional manufacturing techniques. Dating back to the early 20th century, Belgium pralines emerged as a unique way to combine quality cocoa with flavors such as fruit or nuts. Companies that helped innovate these techniques, including Neuhaus, which remains among the world’s top praline makers today.

Each Belgian chocolate piece combines quality cocoa beans with pure sugar and cocoa butter, along with fruit and nuts sourced from top quality ingredients. As a result, Belgian chocolate is the world standard for luxury today.

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