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Ordering Boxes of Chocolate

If you’re looking to order some gourmet Belgian chocolates, then there are a variety of options to consider. While you can always just pick up the best local chocolate boxes, today you can also order genuine chocolates from Belgium, whether they are shipped from the United States or Europe. Our editors reviewed some of our favorite chocolate makers to bring you our top recommendations for ordering Belgian chocolate on-line:

Neuhaus Handmade Belgian Chocolates
With its origins back in 1857, Neuhaus has a rich tradition as a European chocolatier. Over the years, the company developed its luxurious feel to complement its original recipes. By the early 20th century, the luxurious chocolates have evolved into bite-sized pieces and shifted to modern chocolate presentation. Today, you can find original and updated recipes in luxurious presentations and boxes. Neuhaus offers distribution to the United States, as well as maintaining distribution centers throughout Europe. Each year, they release new “Creative Chocolate” recipes for fans throughout the world.

Bella Cabosse European Chocolates
Offering a wide variety of original European chocolate recipes, Bella Cabosse produces artisan chocolate that is world renowned. Shipping throughout the world, each shipment is protected in ice packs so that your chocolate arrives as fresh as possible – each set includes a variety of dark and milk chocolates, as well as original truffles. Gift sets include specialty chocolates, including pralines and specialized Belgian varieties.

Belvedere Chocolate Makers
Bringing fresh Belgian recipes to a variety of American cities, Belevdere has shops open in New York and Colorado. Based upon original Belvedere Belgian chocolate recipes, the shops bring fresh tastes and unique Praline recipes that bring the best of European tastes to life.

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