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Dark Belgian Chocolate Varieties

Fans of pure chocolate with truly appreciate the texture and flavor of Dark Belgian chocolate, which combines the purest forms of cocoa with unique Belgian recipes. Some of the finest dark chocolate scan be traced to stores throughout Europe which carry on the chocolate making tradition.

When traveling throughout Europe you can find boutique chocolate makers, such as Pierre Marcolini, which combines Belgian traditions with some of the very best of continental traditions. Top quality Belgian chocolates generally contain at least 70 percent cocoa – while this might seem high for those used to milk chocolate, it makes a great balance between pure cocoa and a well-textured piece.

One of the best known dark chocolate bars is the Leonidas Casanova Dark – this is one of the darkest pieces from a traditional Belgian chocolate maker. With a combination of an original recipe and high cocoa content, the Casanova Dark bar combines the best of both worlds. Additionally, many small Belgian chocolate makers offer their own unique take on Belgian dark chocolate – you can find some of the finest high cocoa chocolate creations from small, traditional chocolate makers in Belgium.

Whether you are looking to sample a new dark chocolate variety, or looking for a new regular chocolate treat, Belgian dark chocolates offer a unique texture and taste that separates them from nearly any other variety on the market.

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