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Caramel Chocolate Treats

One of the best combination treats you can enjoy are Belgian Caramel Truffles, which are just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth while also providing a rich, creamy inside. You can find a variety of caramel truffles from your favorite Belgian chocolate maker, as well as local variations.

Caramel truffles often come as park of variety gift boxes, which contain truffles complete with fruit, nuts and filling. Most caramel truffles contain cocoa liquor, milk powder, cocoa butter, vanilla and sugar, although each recipe is unique.

Some varieties re known as turtles for their unique structure – the pecans often extend beyond the immediate chocolate, creating a “Turtle” appearance. Commonly filled with roasted pecans and sweet caramel, covered with dark Belgian chocolate, Pecan Turtles make a delicious gift for the most discerning chocolate fan.

What is unique about Belgian caramel truffles is that each individual recipe differs in its ingredients, structure and taste: the very best truffles from Belgium feature a unique blend of caramels, nuts and a variety of Belgian chocolates, You can find caramel truffles made from chocolates ranging from very dark to pure milk chocolate – each variety has its own unique taste and texture. Some chocolate lovers even incorporate caramel and Belgian chocolate into their favorite recipes for an exquisite, unique flavor, such as the Belgian Truffle Cheesecake.

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