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Belgian Chocolate Cake

One of the most delectable ways to enjoy Belgian chocolate is as part of a cake – whether you are baking a celebratory, traditional cake or experimenting with a Truffle cake recipe, Belgian chocolate highlights the flavor of your best recipes.

One of our favorite recipes is a rich, Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake, made with genuine, bittersweet Belgian chocolate. In order to make the recipe, you’ll need six ounces of dark Belgian chocolate (ideally, unsweetened), along with 3/4 cup of AA Irish Butter, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, four eggs, 2/3 cup of wheat flour and chocolate icing (for which you’ll need sugar, evaporated milk, chocolate and butter.) To make the recipe, you’ll need to melt the chocolate over boiling water, then combine with butter, sugar and egg yolk – add the flour on top, and combine with egg whites. You’ll bake in a 9″ pan for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and refrigerate overnight – you can top with your favorite icing or other sweetener (perhaps ice cream.)

There are countless recipes for Belgian chocolate cake, and you can even add Belgian to your favorite traditional chocolate cake recipe to give it a new kick. One of our favorites is Chocolate Sin cake, which utilizes Belgian chocolate to make fudge, which you can top with Belgian ganache. With its rich flavor and texture, you can take your best chocolate recipes to a new level.

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